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Highly experienced Clairvoyant and Psychic readings using Tarot



I have always been interested in the psychic world. However, my spiritual path began many years ago, when I faced a lot of personal issues head on. I consulted a dear friend who was a psychic and she encouraged me to explore my abilities and open myself up. I really found comfort and direction through this new gift. I apprenticed to my friend for a year, listening to her advice, undertook extensive training with her, learnt the beautiful modality of Reiki which was life changing for me and read so many books. Then came the day that I knew what I had to do. I had found my new passion and direction in life.

I now have over 11 years professional experience working as a Psychic/Healer/Trainer. I have worked within many New Age Stores offering high quality services to clients. I have facilitated Psychic Fairs throughout Brisbane and Perth and have worked within a major hospital Cancer Support Centre part time for three years, offering Reiki Treatments to Patients and their carers.

I love what I do and believe strongly that I can help others in their journey of life.

I look forward to offering you a reading with high accuracy very soon.



My own journey into spirituality was gifted through a family member many years ago. I have a very strong connection with my own spiritual guides who deliver accurate information and guidance for my clients through clear visions, thoughts and sensing.

I connect strongly to the tarot as a tool which offers a story line and provides answers to client’s questions. I have extensive experience working within many Psychic Fairs both in Brisbane and Perth.

I’m dedicated to assisting clients find their true direction within life and positive outcomes that assist clearing obstacles they may face.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

1 hr $90 and ½ hr $60


So what happens in a reading?

When clients visit us for a reading, they want answers! They want clarity, direction and guidance! We can help!

Firstly our readers connect to their own guides and ask for accurate messages for you so that you will receive clarity and direction in all areas of your life such as relationships, career, finances and health.

They then ask you to shuffle the tarot deck and focus on what you need to know. They step you through a card selection process then begin.
Psychic messages are given to our readers by spirit in the form of clairvoyant visions, Clairsentient feelings and clear knowing. Using their mediumship abilities they can also connect to your loved ones who have passed over by using a photograph or a piece of Jewellery

Please be aware that by law as a psychic reader, we are not permitted to predict deaths or to alarm you.  A reading is meant to empower you, to inspire you, to focus on what you can change to reach your true potential and positive life purpose.