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Are you tired of feeling, lost, confused, unsure, unclear, perplexed, disoriented and bewildered ?

We have the solution! 

What is Havening Techniques?

Developed during 15 years of research by New York MD, Dr Ronald Ruden PhD and his brother, Dr Steven Ruden, Havening Techniques is a powerful psycho-sensory technique that can be explained in terms of neuroscience and used extensively to quickly and successfully treat conditions such as phobias, panic attacks, traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, somatic or unexplained pain, grief, PTSD, negative emotions, IBS and much more.

What is truly phenomenal is that these powerful healing results can often be achieved in minutes and last a lifetime

In addition, Havening Techniques is incredibly powerful for building resilience and promoting professional and personal growth, as well as being used for peak performance in athletes, performers, in business and relationships. Havening gives people freedom. Freedom from the past and freedom to pursue whatever they want in the future. 

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Peak Performance Coaching

Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistics Programing

Eliminate your fear & reach your potential!

  • Do you feel like you are being held back from achieving your true potential? 
  • Are your fears inhibiting you from achieving your dreams?
  • Is it time for more joy, fullfillment and achievement?
Learn how to:
  1. Turbo charge your confidence
  2. Tap into limitless motivation and determination
  3. Eliminate fear and limiting beliefs
  4. Develop a powerful vision of success
  5. Harness the power of your mind to achieve
As a Peak Performance Coach Jesse is driven to assist you reaching your potential and achieve breakthroughs in your chosen field.
Peak Performance Coaching will assist you in elevating your performance using cutting edge mind technologies (NLP) to eliminate unwanted
states of fear, anxiety and doubt and replace them with powerful resource states of confidence, certainty and most importantly 
developing a robust belief in your ability to succeed.
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PGD Psych,PGD Law, GD Psych. B Bus, AMAPS, CMAHA, Current Blue Card,

Current Approved Australian Private Health Provider Number

Alexander Robey is a highly respected mental health professional with over 5000 hours of clinical private practice experience. As a national and international speaker and facilitator, Alexander's experience with groups in wilderness, retreat and in house settings, in topics areas in wellness, EQ, motivation, positive psychology has inspired and engaged organisations, children, adolescents and adults. Alexander's unique ability to develop top executives, elite athletes, long term unemployed and everyday individuals, has grown over almost 25 years since his first program design and delivery.

Private Sessions with Alexander are available by appointment.

Cost of session is $125 per hr