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  • The Miracles of Reiki

    You have heard about Reiki right? The hands on healing modality that is well known for stress reduction and relaxation. Did you know that now Reiki is highly recognised and is available in Major Hospitals throughout the world.

    I myself worked within a Cancer Support Centre for 3 years in a major hospital in Perth. It was such an honour to be a part of this drop in centre offering Reiki treatments to Cancer Patients and their carers.

    Since I first learnt Reiki some 13 years ago, I have witnessed the changes and the acceptance from the orthodox medical practitioners. Today surgeons all over the world now understand that a patients emotional well being contributes to their healing. Doctors all over are now encouraging patients to undergo Reiki treatments prior to, some during and even after major surgery such as Mascestomy and Heart Surgery. Studies have found that those who participated in receiving this healing modality actually recover quicker and experience less complications! How can it get better than that?

    Dr Mehmet Oz from the "Dr Oz Show" is one of the biggest advocates for Reiki today. Oz has continually touted the benefits of a holistic healthcare approach, Reiki being one of them. Why? Oz believes that Reiki Energy Healing is an effective medical alternative that boosts the bodies overall health and well being.

    Oz does invite Reiki Masters into his operating theatre to tend to patients undergoing life threatening surgery.

    Reiki is now being given to US Military Veterans who suffer PTSD. Reiki is now gaining recognition for the value it offers to combat veterans and patients with other mental and physical ailments.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could offer our veterans the same here in Australia. If you know a veteran who is suffering, please let them about Reiki.

    In my own working experience I have had the pleasure of treating all sorts of ailments with Reiki. It can assist with depression, anxiety, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and illness and so much more. If you are struggling with any condition, give it a go, Reiki can definately help.




  • The teacher arrived right when I needed her

    It was a Thursday afternoon and I was sitting alone feeling quite frustrated that spirit was not helping me to achieve my goals. I was really quite angry with them and was demanding their assistance. I basically voiced if you cant help me send someone who can.

    Well, low and behold the next day a lady presented herself to me in store commenting that spirit heard my outcry and she was sent to help. This lady definitely had an amazing energy and captivated me with her words. I was intrigued.

    We struck up quite a connection almost as if our souls were reconnecting on a spiritual level from a past life experience. This woman was a fountain of knowledge, yes some I had heard before and some not so. I was literally buzzing with excitement from the new learnings I had discovered.

    I was completely in awe in her presence and the words she spoke to me. She suggested I try an Access Bars treatment with her the following day. She explained that she teaches it too.

    I tried it and oh I have to say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had in a healing. As a Reiki Master/Teacher I love my Reiki with all my heart and soul but this felt so different to me. This is what I had been searching for.

    The Bars treatment felt so different to Reiki. To put it into layman terms, with Reiki you feel the energy coming within your body and shifting as the patient. With bars I felt the energy expanding outward. It felt like my aura covered the whole of Camp Hill. I felt light, free and focused.

    From that day I knew I had to learn all about this new therapy called "Access Bars".
    The teacher arrived at my door just when I needed her. I was open and aware and totally followed my instincts to learn from my new teacher.

    I am now certified as a Bars Practitioner and am enjoying the opportunity of sharing this amazing experience with others.

    I feel Access Bars is life changing. I truly have not felt the same since, I feel better.
    Now all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

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